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These rules will be APPLIED to everyone without exceptions, therefore, it's extremely Obligatory to follow! 

*Rules related to Forum/Server*

1-Admin and S.Admin are not allowed to ban permanently without a moderators or owners permission.

2-Disturbing Users
Spamming/Insulting users directly, indirectly or in other languages Whether being in server or forum as well is strictly NOT allowed.
Spam annoys people, thus, we do not allow it and if we catch anyone whoever he is.

3-Respect staff members  and follow their orders
Staff members are higher ranked and the owner replacers in his absence....consider yourself speaking to him so being polite will keep your reputation clean.

Sharing other community pieces of information (IP/link) is Forbidden

5-No Racism
Racism is cruel and it may hurt the feelings of people... we are all human beings Race doesn't matter as your action which will raise your to higher levels of urbanization

6-Be responsible and Helpful

7-Avoid getting 3 WARNING

8-Asking about free privileges:
you don't have the right to keep spamming on forum's staff for free privileges (VIP/aDmin/S.aDmin)
you actually have 2 choices:
1-Buy via Paypal/SMS/Boost
2-Participate in giveaways

8-Asking for moderators without any knowledge or announcements:
this thing annoys us so much, avoid doing that!
Technically, if u wanna be moderator u should apply in staff app
we will announce it as soon as we need more moderators, so stop asking for now!

*Forum Exceptions*

Please, no extra languages, we will be pleased if you depend on English.
This community is based on ENGLISH language + English is the first language because it's the most used throughout the whole world.

Don't make similar thread/posts
Make a thread in its respective category

Adding inappropriate photos in profiles/signatures is restricted
Everyone knows that young teenagers under 18 years old mustn't watch such things as this, therefore, we ought to respect them.

Do not use multiple colors in chat!

5-Making formats by non-staff members
None have the right of making forum formats because it is totally out of their business!

6-Using bugs in their advantage
I know that there are many bugs in the server and we are trying to solve it, so please be cooperative and don't depend on it although I know it is not ur totally ur fault.

Irresponsible users Punishments (Forum)

1-Disturbing users
Disturbing users  will end with Ban (1 day)

2-Disrespecting staff member
Disrespecting staff members will end with  Mute/Kick/Ban (2days)

Advertising will end with a permanent Ban

Racism  will end with Ban (3 days)

5-Adding inappropriate contents
Adding inappropriate contents will end with a permanent Ban

Using extra languages will end  with Ban (2days)

Making threads/post in the non-respective area will end with Ban  (2days)

8-Making formats by non-staff members
this will lead to a Ban (2days)

6-Asking for free privileges (VIP/aDmin/S.aDmin)
this will lead to a  Ban (1day)

7-Asking for moderators without any knowledge or announcements
this will lead to  Ban (2 days)

8-Using bugs in their advantage
this will lead to Kick/Ban (4 hours)

this will lead to  Ban (1 week)

Before you apply any sort of given punishment, you are forced to warn! whoever tried to break rules at least 2 times

*Server Exceptions*

1-Hiding or Camping (Zombie)
Camping is strictly FORBIDDEN

2-ant-map (where zombies can't reach you)
Do not stay out of Zombies reach

Cheating in any sort of way will break the server's balance!

6-Asking for moderators without any knowledge or announcement
this will lead to Mute/Kick/Ban (1day)

Irresponsible users Punishments (Server)

#Normal Players

cheating will end with Ban (permanent)

 advertising will end with Ban (permanent) 

ant-map will result with Kick/Ban (30 minutes)

4-Disturbing users
Disturbing users  will end with Kick/Mute/Ban (1 hour)

5-Disrespecting staff member
Disrespecting staff member will end with Kick/Ban (2 hours)

Racism will end with Kick/Mute/Ban (1 hour)

7-Hiding or Camping (Zombie/CT)
Hiding or Camping (Zombie/Human) will end with Kick/Ban (1 hour)

8-Reconnecting (rc)
rc will end with Kick/Ban (30 minutes)

teaming will end with Kick/Ban (1 hours)

swearing will end with Kick/Ban (1 hour)

 spamming will end with  Ban (1-3 hours)

#Privileged Players Exception

1-Ban/Slap/Kick/Mute/Change map without REASON
Ban/Slap/Kick/Mute without convincing reason will end with Ban for (1 day) after 2 Warns if the user did not get his limits, he will be demoted!
S.aDmin ==> aDmin
 aDmin   ==> VIP
After getting demotes, his privileges will be REMOVED

Think Twice before you Act!
We recommend checking this thread due its high evaluability! None can live without Rules and Discipline in this world.

This Thread will be changed over time!

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