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To Do list - Umbrella swarm

(This post was last modified: 18-03-2020, 08:40 PM by Owner. Edit Reason: update )

here is a list of things which will be cahanged in umbrella swarm server.
what marked with  ---------- means that it has been added
submitted by @"KarolisX" Heart
  • 1.Add suplybox that might give xp,health, armour or etc...
  • 2.Remove C4 from zombies(It's trivial stuff but still)
  • 3.Make he grenade don't do damage to his owner.
  • 4.Add ak47 upgrade, ether default or paladin
  • 5.Add shop so players can buy some item with cash.
  • 6.Does spawn protection exist? Add one so if later become very popular zombies couldnt get insta killed at spawn
  • 7.Add walkguard(it would protect server from players who climb on maps)
  • 8.Add maybe motd that allows player to check privileges(don't need to go to forum)
  • 9.Add team manager.
  • 10.There seems to be a bug with xp, it shows i have more xp then required, but still don't level up

submitted by @VIP AHMED
  • Zombies get 500 xp when you kill a human 
  • When the tank got killed by human the human get 2500xp bouns 
  • Smoker can drag behind the doors or walls 
  • Vips have x3 xp
submitted by @"TriwlZgaR"
  • Scout predator (unlock)
  • Ethreal plasma (unlock)

submitted by @"RaZ07_Z"
  • Boomer ability  must kill human instantly
  • Chainsaw ability must be 3x damage speed must be fast also
submitted by @"SRB_M45"
  • knifes: Robot hands
  • pistols:Barlog I,Golden Eagle,Golden Dual Elite,Extra Elites,shooting star
  • rifles:M4A1 Brick peace,scout predator bow,horsegun,Fast scout

replace chainsaw zombie hand model.
fix teaming balance bug.
fix reg registered chat* wrong name (last logged player) not tested yet.
fix balrog mp5 ammo clip
round end/draw sound,effect,hudtxt
improve boomer death
fix somker drag wall (fucked)
round draw .wav round start.wav
achievement system xp
1,2,3 freeze
kill sounds play for all.
human spawn proctetion with glow.
fix he greande tanki insane damge.
/shop menu
(map "cs_assault") PF_MessageEnd_I
fix cs_assault cs_italy ! max 20 players
he greanade low gunxp level
spitter ground spit remove.
round end switching teams weapons hand bug
round end respawn and block dmg (low players zombies)
gunxpmod unlock list.
pipe bomb power and other powers
prs menu 1m 10prs
freexp bug
gunxp ultra kill extra xp bug
gunxpmod menu. change hud lvl color + off/on hud
shooting star high dmg bug  switch weapon
pipe bomb kill xp bug.
stats bug not counting kills for some players https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=159046
afk kick

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