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report weed


server: swarm 

admin:  weed 

admin id: 

what he did:  he maked a vote for map before 15 min of new map end 

proof: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6q2lbupwr...m.dem/file

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Thank you for the report!

Unforunately, I am unable to view the demo, because you have the 47 protocol version, whereas I believe I have the 47th version.
Please make sure that you have uploaded the demo with the correct format.

I will be waiting for your demo.


I didn't understand what you mean... Anyway I will upload it soon as I can


Nevermind, I got the demo to work.

I don't find it necessary to warn the Admin for initiating a vote without changing the map. Yes, they started a vote, whether to change the map or not, but they didn't actually change the map.
They will be informed that they should wait a specific amount of time before conducting a vote.

I am more annoyed by your actions overall. You claim to report weed on forums about this cause, and you are AFK whenever you are a zombie. Like come on, simply leave the server and type the report, rather than stay AFK while being a zombie, claiming that you're making a report. And stop being AFK when you're human. Furthermore, there were moments where you didn't even do your zombie mission properly without being AFK. You will be banned for that next time.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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