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Real Life:

-You real name : Saleh ( ik alot of u wont be able to pronouce it right) 
-Your age (not obligatory) : 15
-What you do exactly in life (work, study...) : study , when summer comes i might work so , and play games too
-Where in the world you live : Egypt
-How do you spend your free time : playing video games or watching anomaly on youtube xD
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in : the bed *-*
-DO you like school? (nvm, I already know the answer) : well there aint no school in egypt but its a trash place xD
-What're your favorites songs/games : cs 1.6 / DOOM Series 
-What're your favorite meals : Fried fish with rice xD
-What's the most country that you want to visit and why (it better be a reason) : United Arab Emirates / because internet is gonna be waaaay better than internet in egypt 
-Your social information (Facebook/Skype/Twitter/Youtube/Discord/Instagram...) FB : Saleh Zahran

IG : sasazahran09
DC : iDollar_#5226
TW : @SalehZahran8


-What do you think about our server : epic server Smile !
-How long you've been playing cs 1.6 : 3 years or more 

-What's your favorite cs 1.6 mod (zombie plague/cso/umbrella swarm/old school...) : umbrella
-What is most thing you like in server : swarm / i like that shooting star is for normal players / and that the  server is active daily with at least 10+ players / i like that alot tbh
-What is your best weapon : xm balrog / shooting star 
-what new updates you wanna see in the future


Hi Eugen! 

Nice to meet you,
welcome in csgamers!
I hope you will have fun be in our Community and Playing In our Server!

If you have any questions, problem or you want have fun in our dc server : https://discord.com/invite/4Cvwkf3

Youtube : GameHyT / CSGamers  Discord : -ExTazY-#9097

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