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DarkLord01 Here


Real Life:

-You real name ayan
-Your age (15)
-What you do exactly in life (Class 9 Computer Favorite Subject)
-Where in the world you live Pakistan,Karachi
-How do you spend your free time By Reading novels or playing games
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in My Own Room Smile
-DO you like school? (A Little Bit)
-What're your favorites games - Age Of Empire Stronghold
-What're your favorite meals Pizza Chicken Burger
-What's the most country that you want to visit and why (Medina, Because Holy Prophet Is There)
-Your social information StarZaiedy#0439


-What do you think about our server Perfect Mod And Maybe Best In Future I Love this its my opinion
-How long you've been playing cs 1.6 7 years

-What's your favorite cs 1.6 mod (umbrella swarm)
-What is most thing you like in server Skins And Prefix
-What is your best weapon K1ases
-what new updates you wanna see in the future Dread Nova And Better than all other server


+1000  Big Grin

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