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Swarm Supervisor


- How old are you ? 20 years old
- Tell us some about you : I had servers like 9 years ago, ZM/COD/BB etc. Also i am very good with pawn, know all commands.
- Will you be active on server at least 2 hours everyday ? (Yes/No) Yes
- rate your English proficiency (score from 1 to 10) I know english very well. 10
- Will you be free to Attend staff meetings at anytime ? (Yes/No) Yes if i am not working at that time, i work from 9:00-18:00 every day.
- Will you monitor server issues and report it to owners ? (Yes/No) Yes sad thing is that staff is buyable and they don't know how to use their powers to help server community.
- Will you be helpful and slove player issues ? (Yes/No) Yes of course anytime!


i decided to choose 2 supervisors instead of one.
@copyright and @Da.DeadsHoT:--
they will be under test for sometime.

Thread closed.

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