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New Knife Menu


What about making 3 knives in ul for normal player, and others.

1 for VIP.
1 for an Admin.
1 for S.Admin.
Which that means 6 knives.
The first knife which means knife number 1 for normal player makes 100 damage.
Secons knife-number 2 for player makes 150 damage
Third knife for normal player makes 200 damage.
VIP knife makes 320 damage
Admin and S.Admin have super powerful knife damage like the last one you have added to the server.
**(because the last knife you have added is so strong. 2 hits = 10k damage)**
It's really an amazing thing to do. Hope you agree.


agree ++


Hey there , Well Your Idea Is Great But 6 Knives Are Not Possible In Server Maybe 3 are Best In Server


is this thread closed?



Thread closed

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