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number 5 for pro  Heart 

Wassim pro


Hope I win it
I choose 2


thnx u guys


number 6


my luck number is : 17


4 days after begging giveaway are today so I chooses one winner using random .org 

Lucky number is: 9

Please contact owner within 2days! After contacting 1-2days your vip will be active!


as [V12|Q7}-ExTazY said number 9 is the winner , which is @Zaidejas.  but he used another account in this giveaway @Magor , so he excluded from the giveaway.

i will choose another winner using random.org, the winner number is 22 and closest number to this is 20

@VisioN send me private message to get your prize within 2 days or another winner will be chosen.

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@Owner he is my brother maybe we have same IP adrees


My luck number is: 6

ingame name: SWARM - BERLIN

Subscribe - done
Join discord group - done
Like facebook site - done


Giveaway is over!

-Thread closed!-

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