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Free ban


im gonna say the conclusion
i killed a player called Tum
and he said camper
and admin extazy banned me just because he saw him writing "camper"
a very clever move from a big admin to follow players and believe what they say
the ban is gone
i just want to show you the demo because you still say that im a camper
so watch it and please tell me in which part i camped?

thank you for understanding



First I didn't banned u bezause I saw chat I banned you bezause I saw you cmaping and warned you well next time you wont get unbanĀ 
And please go check rules

(This post was last modified: 06-07-2020, 11:25 PM by Ameed.)

ok thank you, i read the rules again as you request
now please watch demo and tell me the exact time when i camped

by the way, i didn't post this in "abuse admin" because i don't want troubles for you or anyone
i just want you to understand what i mean... i hope you do

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