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Privilege Features

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                                       { Privilege Features }



Zombie Swarm 

- VIP Skin 

- VIP Prefix

- Access 50 HP  VIP Menu 

- X2 XP

 Access to more powerful guns in the /ul menu

- Green Chat 


- Some privileges  as VIP

- ADMIN Prefix 

- Access Respwan VIP menu 

- Access to : 

   *     Slap, slay players. amx_slap/slay (amx_slapmenu).
   *     Kick players. amx_kick (amx_kickmenu).

   *     Ban players. amx_ban(ip) (amx_banmenu).

       Vote to change the map. amx_votemap (amx_votemapmenu).

   *     Start a vote. amx_vote.

   *     Chat with other admins. amx_chat  

   *     Use the admin chat @.

   *     Use amx_help.  

- Same privileges as VIP and ADMIN.

- S.ADMIN Prefix.

- Access Gravitry VIP Menu

-Immunity to Slaps/Slays/Kicks/Bans.

- The ability to Ban ADMIN.

- Access to more powerful guns the /ul menu

- Access to : 

    *     Change the map[i]amx_map (amx_mapmenu). [/i]

   *     Show IP of Players (amx_ip name @team )


Before you purchasing a privilege, You should read the rules.

Disobeying and breaking a rule will result in a warning. If you will surpass 3 warnings, your privileges will be 


Rules :



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