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Selling Account

(This post was last modified: 20-05-2020, 10:26 PM by Colonel.)

Level : 32
Xp : [ 45100/5000000]
Prestige : 35

Price : is 20$ But For Ramadan = 10$

Talk to me in PM If You Want It  and i accept paypal and others just pm me .
Now The Price Is Only For 6$ = 6 U.S.D
Come Fast Talk To Me On Pm To Take It !
Very Special Offer Before Ramadan Ends !!! 

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You are not a moderator here so you don't have the right to behave like that even if you were moderator, you can't talk to someone in that manner @Mr.PoKeMoN
mind your business! and im warning you, i dont wanna see this kind of replies again, especially from you.


Can Any Moderator Delete These Messages Please Unless Mine ?
i will be thankful



When I back to the game , I will take it free.
Thank You


(21-05-2020, 01:47 PM)Mr.PoKeMoN Wrote: When I back to the game , I will take it free.
Thank You
what do you mean? 
you will scam my account right ?
do it and get ban preament by managers


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