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A Suggestion for the new /ul AS50

(This post was last modified: 25-03-2020, 02:50 PM by TheReaPeR.)

I Suggest The You boost the dmg of it because it deals very low dmg less than the crossbow

Im Max dmg on the powers And It Deals On the body :    370-420

And It deals on the head like : 1347 with max dmg

That mean that crossbow is better than it even with its low lvl upgrade but AS50 is lvl 34 and its dmg is pretty low i recommend 2 Options :

1st Option : i suggest to increase the dmg on the body To At Leset : 1500-2000 so it can kill zombies from 1 shot because its an awp sniper upgrade that means its slow and its shooting rate is pretty slow so the dmg increase will Make the AS50 a good weapon to use.

2nd Option : i suggest to change the upgrade from Awp To ( SG-550 Because it has 30 ammo and shots faster so the dmg 370-420 wont be a problem for faster shooting rate and big ammo Or Change it to G3 /Sg-1 The T Fast Sniper It has 20 ammo so it would be quiet good too for big ammo and dmg 370-420)

Hope My Suggestion get accepted Smile.



Suggestion taken in interest.

Thread Closed.


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