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Lost register account password


Hi there!

Yesterday my password from usename:[V12|Q7}-ExTazY got changed!
If you can help me it would me nice bzs I have s.admin+lvl 32 on it!

Proof I dont have for now I have to find demo in my cs files

You can ask ofcourse other players I know everyone Smile

Fb:Mateo Sabljic


We need evidence that you are the owner of this account.

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(24-03-2020, 12:58 PM)Deafault-BlackGhost Wrote: Hi there im back.

I found the demo! But littel problem is in!

Yesterday I where trying to login after my pw got changed so this is the demo.I mean in the demo you can see where im trying to login and typing my old password if it helps?
I will upload it!

(24-03-2020, 02:34 PM)General Wrote: We need evidence that you are the owner of this account.
Yes I got a proof!

I have found old demo from (12.3.2020)



who did you give ur pw to?



(24-03-2020, 03:43 PM)NitoNB Wrote: who did you give ur pw to?
To mt frends but not csgamers pw! From other server.
And he knows that im using everywhere same pw!
My setinfo and reg pw was same like from that acc I gav him!

Im not really sure if this is true but who els can change pw when they don't know it?


Accepted request
account password rested.

Thread closed.

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