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Bug: <Glock >


when i buy the glock from /ul
cost : 300xp i think
then nothing happened ? 
the glock cannot changed
here is the video for more information Smile

link : https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/4NYL9tyC/file.html

Its About Justice


are you kidding ? you upgrade the item number 2 (Golden USP) not frist one (Glock)

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yes i mean that gun ? number 2 ?\
its a bug right ?\
i think you should remove it  ? 
and i found another cool bug so nice for me
i can discount the prs from 1.5mxp to 1mxp XD
i swear im not kidding XD

Its About Justice


Golden USP is USP upgrade not Glock-18 upgrade. you was have the wrong gun in your hand. that's why it didn't work with you.


oh shit , if forgot that XD so sorry man XDD
im noob Sad

Its About Justice

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