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[Prizes] Bugs report.

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hello csgamers players,
since the last update made to server there is some bugs. you can report those bugs and get reward !
i mean with bugs every small bug / glitch or anything need to improve in server

- Don't post bugs already posted by other players.

- Don't spam thread with many comments. just collect all bugs and post them in once or two.

How we will get our prizes ? and what is it ?

i will check this thread from time to time. and i will send Private Message to everyone post bugs on this thread.
prizes is random. might be XP or Prs or privileges. depends on how many bugs you report and how worth they are.

what are you waiting for ? go and find bugs in server !


Hi im CoDMw 
I found a bug in a new updated gun named Shooting Star my powers level is at max and it kills zombies at 1 shot but at a tank it takes about 5 shots.
The bug is that sometimes it takes only one shot on tank even if they spawned 1 sec ago.
I don't know but some times it takes about 10.000 damage.

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Small mistake.

When no on wins the round it says "No One Wins" but it supposed to be "No one Won"

HE bug.

When HE hits zombie sometimes it does around 500 dmg and sometimes 6k dmg.

Im not sure but i think its a bug.

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