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Introduce yourself!

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Hello and Welcome everyone!
This thread is specifically made for new users who do not know anybody in here and their only objective is having fun, spending a great time with crazy friends: 
chatting, playing on the same team or against each other... it doesn't matter
what matters is playing on the same
 cool server with a bunch of fantastic fellas who are thirsty for Zm/Human blood, are you ready to meet them? don't worry, although they are thirsty for the blood...
they won't eat you or drink your blood or even taking your head off for keeping it as a souvenir cuz you are too far away from them, maybe there is a whole ocean between you...or maybe they just moved into your neighborhood and they are willing to do so! anyway, keep yourself awake even at night and there is only one way to keep yourself out of danger zone and gain their trust plus acceptance:
-Introducing yourself to them!
who knows what their reaction will be, perhaps they will accept you as you are...perhaps, they will refuse you cuz you are not worthy to be their friend, it depends on ppl manners and interests
so give it a try! don't be shy and share your cool stuff with us!

Real Life:

-You real name
-Your age (not obligatory)
-What you do exactly in life (work, study...)
-Where in the world you live
-How do you spend your free time
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in
-DO you like school? (nvm, I already know the answer)
-What're your favorites songs/games
-What're your favorite meals
-What's the most country that you want to visit and why (it better be a reason)
-Your social information (Facebook/Skype/Twitter/Youtube/Discord/Instagram...)


-What do you think about our server 
-How long you've been playing cs 1.6

-What's your favorite cs 1.6 mod (zombie plague/cso/umbrella swarm/old school...)
-What is most thing you like in server
-What is your best weapon
-what new updates you wanna see in the future

Remember, introducing yourself with save you from the wrath of those hungry boys, so you should get it done before you run out time! Nah, it is not the actual situation [Image: biggrin.png]
I am just joking my friends, you are not obliged to answer all of those questions, you are Literally free to answer questions which you find in it no offend.

Thanks For Reading <3 
 Have Fun Everyone!

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