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Giveaway XP,VIP - [V12|Q7}-ExTazY - 22-10-2020

Hallo & Welcome

We had for along no giveaway, we decided to make a new giveaway for you guys!!


→1x VIP (15Days)
→1x 300.000XP

How to Participate?

→Chose one number btw. 1 and 20!!
→Subscriebe to our community cannal HERE!!
→Like our facebook page HERE!!
→Join our discord server for more Help & Infos HERE!!

How to Claim Reward?

If you are winner of XP you schould conntact owner with your in-game name and your XP will be added!!
If you are VIP winner you schould conntact owner with your in-game name and your password (setinfo_pw)!!

Make sure to contact owner within 2 days otherwise another winner will be choosed

We need atleast 8 Participators, event will end in 2days and winners will be choosed 1st=300.000XP 2nd=VIP


RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - praebal - 22-10-2020

Im picking 6

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - crinimal - 22-10-2020

Im picking 5

Im picking 5

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - Derwin - 22-10-2020

Im picking 13

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - HoldMyGroza - 22-10-2020

19 number  i am unbanned from server

My name NoT HoldMyGroza

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - KingSlayers - 22-10-2020

number 2

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - Dark Kronnos - 22-10-2020

number 3

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - Lesley. [Georgi] - 22-10-2020

Number 7

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - PRO_OKILLER - 23-10-2020

number 4

RE: Giveaway XP,VIP - Oldplayer - 23-10-2020

number 14