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GameTracker.rs Boosting Payment (SMS) - CSGAMERS - 24-11-2019

you can now boost our servers on GameTracker.rs and get privilege for 1 month.
include your name and password or IP in the boosting SMS text (as shown below)

How to boost server and get privileges ?
1- go to this page https://www.gametracker.rs/sms_boost/ 
2- then go to "Payment methods" and choose SMS messsage
3- select your country and follw instructions

here is examples if you want get your privigles in name / ip / steamid

Privilege on Name Boost Example:
TXT GTRS (name:password)
TXT GTRS killer:pass512

Privilege on IP Boost Example:
TXT GTRS (your ip)

Privilege on IP Boost Example:
TXT GTRS (your steamid)
TXT GTRS STEAM_0:1:22804899

Boost Prices:
1xBoost = VIP for 1 month
2xBoost = ADMIN for 1 month
3xBoost = S.ADMIN for 1 month

you will receive your privilege in a short period of time.
if you didn't receive your privilege within 1 day please contact owner