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Unresponsible aDmin Reports - Poseidon - 12-02-2020

Hi and Welcome everyone!

I know that every single one of you is here for 1 purpose and that purpose is having fun, for some minutes necessary which will get him out of this worlds complicated issues and problems... everybody knows exactly 
what I'm trying to say, but, what if those minutes were taken from by server's aDmin who punished you just because you won couple round or stole his kills...in other words:
Got punished without reason
Anyway, I will not make that longer...All you have to do is following this format and I can assure you that you will save them by reporting the aDmin who kicked/banned you from the server for no Convincing Reason
And that is by a simple Demo or ss (screenshot)


-What he did (Including your proof)
This is the most important step which will define whether the report is approved on or rejected:
Without proof ===> Rejected
  With proof    ===> Approved on

I know that most of you will be wondering: How will I get a proof?
and as an answer to your question:

First of all, the needed proofs are demo or ss 
Second of all: 
Demo: the demo is the most recommended way you can get your demo from your cs 1.6 files named cstrike
SS: screenshot which can be taken by pressing on F5 and you can find it in your cstrike too

You can depend on zippyshare to upload your demo/ss

That's the only thing we ask from you...other Infos will be collected from AmxBans.

Just bear in mind that without proofs (demo/ss) your report is Literally trash...however, if you have proof, I can assure you that you are welcomed!
Even with the Infos collected from AmxBans won't be satisfying.