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  15 Days Trail (FreeVip)
Posted by: RaZ07 - 1 hour ago - No Replies

Hello @CsGamers Users Here You Can Get FreeVip For just 15days Follow These Steps.

1.Send your nickname to owner with pw
2.wait till 12-24 hours for your activation
3.This is only for one account

This is only freevip trail after this there is no MORE FREEVIP FOR ANYONE and If a user make multiple accounts and if we caught him he will get ban for 1 week and no unban This is The last WARNING! FOR ALL USERS TO NOT BEG FOR FREEVIP AND DON'T MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNT S

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  Download and Install Counter-Strike 1.6 WarZone
Posted by: HiDeath - Yesterday, 05:25 AM - Replies (3)

Hey there,
I'm a new member of this community of Counter-Strike, and I must say that the forums look quite awesome and good looking

However, I want to help by making this little post for the new coming players and make things easier for them!

So, I'm playing Counter-Strike 1.6 for a long time now, I started out back in 2009 and still playing it until today,
not as before but I like playing on weekends and free time.

My main problem was always with the non-Steam version of the game. International payments are banned in my country, so I can't pay the fee to get the Steam game,
Which made my only option to download and use the free cracked version

But, most of the sites provide low-quality cs 1.6 versions.
In fact, that starts from the website itself, the low speed downloading speed and the awful design of it
But that can be bypassed after all!
I got stuck many times by the downloaded clients, most of them are uncomplete, unsafe or with low FPS configurations,
so it makes my game not comfortable and pisses me entirely off!

Well, after all, that was on the start, back in 2003, after the release of the WarZone version, most of my problems were solved!
You can find it here: [ advertising servers in anyway is not allowed (masterserver) ]

This version uses far fewer resources, you can play with high FPS even if you have a potato computer (PC), without any sign of Lag
I posted the URL of that website because I honestly like it, and most importantly, I like the fast download speed of it!
Plus, the setup file is only 220 MB, and they provide torrent, direct and google drive downloads.

I hope I could help the CSGamers community by my little experience in the cs world, and I hope cs 1.6 still played by many players like me around the world!
Best of luck, HiDeath

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Posted by: VIP AHMED - 21-01-2020, 02:10 PM - Replies (2)

I found today when i play 

1.The time left in the left say 10min remining to change the map bit he said 5min remening 
2.a bug with the charger in assault map 
3.when you join a new map you get only 1 round with the humans 

Only thats bugs Big Grin 
Sup to my channel name:Ahmed 4 Gaming

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Star [ Report for back my level ]
Posted by: ZaKi - 20-01-2020, 08:36 PM - Replies (4)

Report To The Support/Owner

Nick : ZaKi
Old : 19
Report : I Lost level 42 -_-

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR_XYxDCKPBjZZVee6GY...uWeQFdh-4R]

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  Didn't Get Privileges after payment
Posted by: RaZ07 - 20-01-2020, 08:06 PM - No Replies

Hi, There all @CsGamers Users Here you can solve your problem about Payment and don't got privileges Just follow these Simple steps.

Boosting with GameTracker.rs

1.your nickname you have boosted
3.method ip/name
If there is not your country so it's not our fault and you must checked you mobile/device balance must be recommend Example
:100Rs For Pakistan so u must need 100 rupees balance to boost and use 3rd party sim 
And! Don't Be panic activation of your privileges will take upto 12-24 hours if doesn't get after time i mentioned so contact @{THeKILLer}

Paying With Paypal

1.Your nickname in game ?
2.Your Privileges type VIP/ADMIN/S.ADMIN?
3.Duration Of
Privileges ?
4.Your Steam id/ip

Bear in Mind!
In this case only god knows that you are lying or telling truth so without proof we will not help you or if we got it that you are lying so you will get punishment
And don't be panic! Your privileges will be activate in 12-24 hours if it doesn't activate in time i mentioned so Contact Owner @{THeKILLer} Only and Send Screenshot to owner only by private message Thanks For Reading

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  Unban Request
Posted by: RaZ07 - 20-01-2020, 11:59 AM - Replies (1)

Hi,There all CsGamers User here u can apply a thread about an unfair ban just follow these simple steps.

1.Your nickname?
2.Wich server?
3.Reason Of ban?
4.Admin name banned you?
5.Duration of ban?

Remember! Without Screenshot We will not be able to unban you if you don't have screenshot so upload Demo you can upload demo/Screenshot on this website ZippyShare.com

Thread Closed.

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  Suggestions for the server v2
Posted by: VIP AHMED - 18-01-2020, 08:50 AM - Replies (2)

Hi again 
Theres some suggestions to the server 

Add m4a1 brick pace v2
Add robot hand 
Add medkit https://zombie-mod.ru/5883-biomedkit.html
Add zombie bomb
increase tank health 10000hp 
Add deagle upgrade
Add more knifes upgrades 
Add barlog i 

And thanks rate the suggestions 

Killer of you need more supportrs im ready Big Grin

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Posted by: KarolisX - 17-01-2020, 01:28 PM - Replies (5)

1.Add suplybox that might give xp,health, armour or etc...
2.Remove C4 from zombies(It's trivial stuff but still)
3.Make he grenade don't do damage to his owner.
4.Add ak47 upgrade, ether default or paladin
5.Add shop so players can buy some item with cash.
6.Does spawn protection exist? Add one so if later become very popular zombies couldnt get insta killed at spawn
7.Add walkguard(it would protect server from players who climb on maps)
8.Add maybe motd that allows player to check privileges(don't need to go to forum)
9.Add team manager.
10.There seems to be a bug with xp, it shows i have more xp then required, but still don't level up

For now that's all.

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Heart Another suggestions v2
Posted by: VIP AHMED - 17-01-2020, 12:38 PM - Replies (4)

Hi Agian LOL Big Grin  
 Another suggestions 


Add maverick crowbar {knife}
Add barlog I {pistol}
Make the vip parachute slow when you fall 


Add jokey 
Add the zombie bomb 
Add shaman zombie or the heal zombie see him here https://zombie-mod.ru/counter-strike/zom...haman.html

And thanks Best server Big Grin

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Posted by: Poseidon - 17-01-2020, 12:11 AM - Replies (1)

These rules will be APPLIED to everyone without exceptions, therefore, it's extremely Obligatory to follow!

*Rules related to Forum/Server*

1-Disturbing Users
Spamming/Insulting users directly, indirectly or in other languages Whether being in server or forum as well is strictly NOT allowed.
Spam annoys people, thus, we do not allow it and if we catch anyone whoever he is.

2-Respect staff members  and follow their orders
Staff members are higher ranked and the owner replacers in his absence....consider yourself speaking to him so being polite will keep your reputation clean.

Sharing other community pieces of information (IP/link) is Forbidden

4-No Racism
Racism is cruel and it may hurt the feelings of people... we are all human beings Race doesn't matter as your action which will raise your to higher levels of urbanization

5-Be responsible and Helpful

6-Avoid getting 3 WARNINGS

*Forum Exceptions*

Please, no extra languages, we will be pleased if you depend on English.
This community is based on ENGLISH language + English is the first language because it's the most used throughout the whole world.

Don't make similar thread/posts
Make a thread in its respective category

Adding inappropriate photos in profiles/signatures is restricted
Everyone knows that young teenagers under 18 years old mustn't watch such things as this, therefore, we ought to respect them.

Do not use multiple colors in chat!

Irrresponsible users Punishments (Forum)

1-Disturbing users
Disturbing users  will end with Mute/Kick

2-Disrespecting staff member
Disrespecting staff members will end with  Mute/Kick/Ban (2-3 hours)

Advertising will end with a permanent Ban

Racism  will end with 3 days Ban

5-Adding inappropriate contents
Adding inappropriate contents will end with a permanent ban

Using extra languages will end  with Ban

Making threads/post in the non-respective area will end with Ban  (hours)

*Server Exceptions*

1-Hiding or Camping (Zombie)
Camping is strictly FORBIDDEN

2-ant-map (where zombies can't reach you)
Do not stay out of Zombies reach

Cheating at any sort of way will break server's balance!

Unresponsible users Punishments (Server)

#Normal Players

cheating will end with permanent Ban

ant-map will result with Kick/Ban (5-20 minutes)

3-Disturbing users
Disturbing users  will end with Kick/Mute/Ban (20-45 minutes)

4-Disrespecting staff member
Disrespecting staff member will end with Kick/Ban (1-3 hours)

Racism will end with Kick/Mute/Ban (1-2 hours)

6-Hiding or Camping (Zombie)
Hiding or Camping (Zombie/Human) will end with Kick/Ban (30 minutes)

7-Reconnecting (rc)
rc will end with 1 Kick/Ban (1-2hours)

teaming will end with Kick/Ban (1-2 hours)

swearing will end with Mute/Kick/Ban (1day)

#Privileged Players Exception

1-Ban/Slap/Kick/Mute without REASON
Ban/Slap/Kick/Mute without convincing reason will end with Ban for 1 day
In rare cases, his privileges will be  REMOVED

Think Twice before you Act!
We recommend checking this thread due it is hight valuability! None can live without Rules and Discipline.
This Thread will be changed over time!

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