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Suggestions By TriwlZgaR

hi sir, and all users these are my suggestions.
 Zombie Powers: 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Boomer: Boomer shit just kill player with all hp -
Spitter: Spitter power damage 100 hp -
Hunter: Super Jump has gravity 180 And Ability return in just 5 sec
Charger: Super Charge knockback power 20 % Extra
Witch: Angry Power Kill Human In one punch 


Baseball bat (free) Xp-1300
balrog Xi 36 level Xp- 3500 4x damage
SkullAxe (Vip) Xp-2000
Robot Hands (ADMIN) Xp-3500 12 level
Glock Upgrade free Xp-0
Usp Golden free Xp-100
Deagle Upgrade Xp-500 level 6
Extra Elites (Vip) Xp-1000 level 10
Deagle Shooting Star (ADMIN) Xp-1250 level 10
Deagle Balrog I (S.ADMIN) Xp-2000 level 15 2x damage


Tmp Upgrade Xp-500 level 8
Dual Mp7 MAC10 Xp-1000 level 9
K1ases  MP5 (Vip) Xp-1500 level 12
Balrog mp5 III (Vip) Xp-2500 level 20
Famas Upgrade + Aim Xp-1500 level 16
Ak 47 Paladin +Electric Power (ADMIN) Xp- 1800 level 18
M4A1 Upgrade + AIM Xp-1800 level 19
M4A1 Brick Peace V2 (ADMIN) Xp-2000 level 21 2x damage
Scout Predator Bow (S.ADMIN) Xp-7000 level 25 5x damage
knocback Shotgun M3 (vip) Xp-3450 level 17
Shawn of shotgun xm1014 Xp- 2000 level 17
Thanatos -7 (S.ADMIN) Xp-3000 Level 24
Compound Crossbow G3SG1 (ADMIN) Xp-1980 level 23
Ethreal Plasma Gun Xp-3500 level 29 Famas 3x damage


Heeseek Bomb Upgrade Xp- 1000
Fb push bomb nade Xp-1500
Pumpkin Bomb Xp- 1200 (vip)
Sg force Field Xp- 3450 (Vip)
L4D2 Pipe Bomb Xp- 2500 (ADMIN)

Small Parachute Xp- 50
Big Parachute Xp-200 (ADMIN)
Sandbags Xp- 1000 (ADMIN)

MultiJump 2000 Xp
Respawn 160000 $
Health 50+ 2000 $
Armor 50+ 2000 $

ADMIN HAVE multijump

Respawn (Access1)Vip
100 health (Access2)ADMIN
150 Armor (Access3)S.ADMIN
50 health+Armor (Access1)Vip

Thanks For Reading. Sir, @{THeKILLer}
I hope you will Add this

Lightsaber Xp-2500 level 10
Balrog claws Xp-1500 level 8

Red deagle dragon aim+scope+knife Xp-1500 level 9
Bloodriper fiveseven (Vip) Xp-2500 level 14
Usp thanatos Xp-1000 level 4

Ak 47 knife aim+scope Xp-1550 level 16
Xm1014 bslrog XI 26 level Xp-2500
Famas watergun 28 level Xp-5000
Awp upgrade (ADMIN) Xp-2500

Thanks please add this also

thank you for your suggestions. some of these will be added to server.

but about guns i will add new special guns + some old famous guns.

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about wapons
1-balrog knife
2-dual sword
1-Dual Beretta Gunslinger
2-shoting star or balrog-1
1-m3 black dragon
other idk this the best.

and ilike dart pistol is so good like balrog and shoting star

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